Fragrance is such an integral part of a beauty routine. It isn’t just a scent to simply not smell bad, we have deodorant for that. Instead, fragrances are often a reflection of our personalities and essentially an extension of ourselves. Whether it’s a soft and feminine rose or a deep and seductive vanilla, we match our fragrances to the different stages of our lives and even different moods we have during that time. Often, we will pick a signature scent that is so quintessentially “us” in every way possible. Whenever your friends and family get a whiff of that scent, they’ll instantly think of you.

One of the most rare, precious, and expensive ingredients in a perfumer’s arsenal, oud wood is often burned in incense-filled temples. Tom Ford’ s Oud Wood Eau de Parfum features exotic rose wood and cardamom which give way to a smokey blend of rare oud wood, sandalwood and vetiver, whilst tonka bean and amber add warmth and sensuality.

Inspired by the colorful bustle of the Royal Court of Versailles, Layton, the newest fragrance from Parfums de Marly, bursts forth with a fresh, dynamic masculine elegance that perfectly embodies the festive yet elegant atmosphere of the 18th century’s most important and luxurious seat of power.

Layton opens with a dazzling splash of juicy, tangy bergamot and apple, tilted towards the alluringly masculine with fresh lavender, geranium and violet. Warm amber tones lend richness to the spicy heart, while a drydown of precious woods and vanilla up the opulence even further- perfect for a fragrance meant to evoke a name still synonymous with gloriously high-end excess. Life at Versailles must surely have been a dazzling mix of business, statecraft, leisure and celebration- it should come as no surprise that Layton presents itself as a perfect fragrance for any and all of those pursuits.

Creed Aventus is inspired by the life of Emperor Napoleon, signifying success and vision. This is a much beloved Creed fragrance since its release with a very loyal following. It’s a wonder scent that starts off a little fruitier than some may like, but just wait! It dries down smoothly, not to subtleness, but to great power and projection, smoky and woody, but not in a way that will have people taking the long way around you at a gathering. Many report a lot of compliments because it does project and smell great.

Green Irish Tweed men’s fragrance was launched by the designer house of Creed in1985. Green Irish Tweed is loyally worn by today’s Hollywood leading men. This fragrance has an invigorating freshness and pure masculinity that has made is the most successful fragrance from Oliver Creed. This fresh fragrance possesses a blend of French verbena, Florentine iris, Violet leaves, Sandalwood from Mysore and ambergris.